Fence installation Baltimore

Vinyl is a popular choice among property owners because of its versatility. It has the capacity to stay intact for a long time even with minimal maintenance work. It can also provide varying privacy depending on the type that you prefer. The ability of vinyl fences to be adaptable makes it an excellent choice for property owners.

The durability of vinyl material is superb. Rest assured that it won’t crack even with having to use it for an extended time in changing weather.

Unlike other materials, like wood, it is safe from insect infestation. Aside from that, vinyl is also fire resistant which makes it a really safe choice. If you have children, vinyl can guarantee you with their safety since the material do not splinter.

Aside from the promising functionality, it has also nice-looking appearance. Vinyl is available in different textures, and the most popular of all is the wooden texture. It has a really exquisite finish which makes the texture as if real. The wooden texture is a result of mixing textured dark sequoia, textured clay, walnut, weathered aspen, and textured tan together.

For the different types of privacy, you can choose among the three options below.

  • Vinyl Picket Fences

This type provides the least privacy of all. It has gaps in between which provides a somewhat open sightline for those on either side of the fences.


  • Vinyl Semi-Private Fencing

This type provides better concealment than the former. The gaps are smaller which allows some kind of privacy at least. It’s not fully concealed which still allows the sun and air to pass through.


  • Vinyl Privacy Fencing

This is the perfect choice for those looking for the ultimate privacy. It leaves no gaps in between which ensures that one side of the fence remains completely invisible from the other side.