Guard rails Installation Baltimore

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Some roadside properties are too complacent and end up getting in an accident without sufficient protection. If you own a property beside roads, know that accidents are preventable with proper precaution. These guard rails are superior in safeguarding properties from any untoward circumstance that may happen due to the vehicles.

Roads, especially major highways, are very prone to accidents. Since vehicles have the tendency to cruise at very high speed, there is a constant likelihood for cars to end up in an accident. Sure, these things don’t happen every day, but then we can never say for sure when and how it’s going to happen. Lucky you if the damages are minor. But what if you end up seeing yourself in the other end of the spectrum incurring major damages? We can never say for sure, so better be safe than sorry.

Here at Baltimore Fence Company, we offer three different types of guard rail to fit into different needs.

  • Three-strand Cable

This type of guard rail provides the most basic protection which makes it perfect for roadside properties where there is less traffic. Despite its minimum capacity, it will surely help in lessening the damage through slowing down vehicles.


  • Wood Guard Rails

This has a decent car stopping capacity that can stop a crashing car from getting into your property. Alongside, this will surely be a nice complement for your property since wood is a classic material. The only disadvantage about this is that, it may incur irreparable damage in case that it encounters an accident.


  • Steel Guard Rails

This type has the best car stopping capacity. It can survive through powerful impact and will surely remain intact after an accident. We strongly suggest this type for properties beside freeways where cars are moving at high speed. Due to its superb features, this is the most expensive of all.

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