Fence contractor Baltimore

While fences are primarily intended to provide protection and security, not all fences can ensure privacy. Some owners are okay with short and open fences, however those who value their privacy may feel discomfort in such fences. To be able to cater to this segment, we have the Cedar wood fence to offer. This type of fence is easily a favorite among property owners, because aside from the privacy that it can give, it is also aesthetically pleasing since it is made of wood.

The Cedar wood fence comes in two types and it differs in the type of privacy that it can provide. For property owners who want complete privacy, the Standard Privacy Type is the best choice. 

The wood planks in this type of fence are fixed together on the sides and only facing the same direction. In this arrangement, it leaves no gaps to peak through. Meanwhile, for those who do not prefer full privacy, the Shadowboxing type is an excellent choice. With this type of Cedar wood fence, the wood planks are also joined on the sides, however the planks face alternating directions which leaves gaps in between.

This Cedar wood fence is deal because aside from being private and visual, it is also long lasting. Since this type of fence is durable it can last up to a decade; long enough to give you your money’s worth. But it can last even longer with regular maintenance. Since this is made of wood, make sure to do regular maintenance since this material is prone to damage.

As a fence contractor in Baltimore since 1996, property owners have grown to trust us because of our consistent products and services. We can guarantee you that these Cedar wood fences won’t disappoint and would instead go over and beyond expectations.